Gilles Magnus, Ugo De Wilde, Tristan Földesi and Ulysse De Pauw smurf 25 hours at Comtoyou racing

image 0 - Gilles Magnus, Ugo De Wilde, Tristan Földesi and Ulysse De Pauw smurf 25 hours at Comtoyou racing

With the youngest driver in the history of the VW Fun Cup (15 years old) and the youngest crew at the start (with an average age of 17), Comtoyou Racing is preparing to smurf records of precocity by confident the wheel of his Coccinelle # 290 to our four hopes of motorsport and last finalists of the steering wheel RACB National Team (RNT), Gilles Magnus (18 years old, aka Schtroumpf Costaud), Tristan Földesi (17 years old, the Gourmet Smurf), Ugo de Wilde (15, Wild Smurf) and Ulysse De Pauw (16, the Flying Smurf ... RNT of course). This time, it will no longer be for them to fight against each other but smurf their talent and play it together. Like our Devils in Russia ...

The project dates from the end of 2017 during the 10H Zolder but had to be postponed following a license for the youngest Smurf. But today, Ugo celebrated its 15th birthday and the RACB decided during the winter that Belgian drivers holding a F4 license could smurf in Fun. "I promised it was only a postponement," explains Jean-Michel Baert. And the Grand Smurf of Comtoyou has kept his word by lining up for the next 25 Hours VW Fun Cup the youngest crew of the event but also the history of Fun. "Gilles and Tristan have already had the opportunity to show what they were capable of rolling for us in Zolder and Abu Dhabi where they signed pole and won the race," the boss continues. "And we are very pleased to welcome Ugo and Ulysses, our two best representatives to this year's French F4, where they have each won a race this season. I do not doubt for a moment that they will quickly get used to the piloting of the Fun and that they will form together a particularly fast and efficient quartet. "

Fast yes but lacking experience since they will all four fight their first 25H at the controls of the # 290 in the colors of Comtoyou Racing and the Smurf Experience, the unique expo of Heysel celebrating the 60 years of the little blue men imagined by Peyo.

"It's great for them to be able to live this with friends. They know each other since karting, they grew together on the Belgian and world tracks and for the first time they will not ride against each other but with each other. This will teach them to know each other better and certainly to better appreciate and respect each other. Gilles is the only one to have the experience of a great endurance race since he won the 24H Zolder 2017. But the 25H is a test of a different kind. Without pivotal time, with a hundred cars all equal and many good and very good drivers. It's not a sprint. Our young Smurfs will have to learn to be patient, smurf traffic, not to risk everything on a braking or overtaking because to have a chance to get on the podium of 25H we must first avoid mechanical trouble and accidents. "

No particular goal for our four very young Smurfs except to have fun and experience without pressure.

"The VW Fun Cup is a great school, you can learn a lot and I have a lot of fun," says the tough-looking Antwerp smurf. "It's not easy to overtake because all cars have the same power and performance. "

"It will clearly avoid bad smurfs," engages the Liegeois gourmet smurf. "And set the best set-up right from the trials. "

"I'm clearly very lucky to be able to play my first 25H Spa at my age," says the Brussels Wild Smurf. "I will try to make the most of this wonderful gift. My only goal will be to not commit a fault, respect the instructions and bring back a car in perfect condition to the other Smurfs of my team. "

As for the RNT flying smurf, he is obviously very happy to be able to join this trio. " I can not wait to be there. I followed a lot of 24H and 25H from the pits in the team of my godfather Pierre Sevrin and now it's my turn to ride. It is still a dream that is smurf. "

Note that the great smurf and the schroffer will encourage their car on the starting grid on Saturday, July 7 and there will be entries to win for the "Smurf Experience".

Finally, if you want to follow the adventure closely, Comtoyou Racing offers to board a car and live the race from inside a Biplaces. Interested, contact Pascal at 02.851.01.77.

The Smurf Experience, an immersive expo in the Smurfs village to visit at Heysel until September 2nd. Info on Facebook or on this site.

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